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Interpersonal Marketing
Merging PR, Advertising & Social Media
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Using a myriad of online marketing tools, Pink Banana Media leverages the creation of written content to build your company's "Story To Tell" and creates the foundation of your social media marketing strategy. This strategy is enhanced with photos and videos created by you as well as select, user-generated content, to spread your message far and wide.

The goal - get users to Share, Like, Comment and ReTweet your message.

Our team of development experts can also assist you in creating a hybrid, community-based membership website that fully integrates your social media campaign from the ground up.


Merging PR, Advertising & Social Media with...
The Power of Individuals, their Interactions and their Relationships!

Interpersonal Marketing takes some of the best of traditional marketing techniques and adapts them to the latest technology, including smartphones and social media. It all starts with the CREATIVE, and from there the DISTRIBUTION of that material. This then can be fine-tuned and MEASURED using an array of reports and tools and then MONITORED and ANALYZED. This analysis is imperative to helping companies become more competitive and capture greater market share in today's ever-changing environment.
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We've heard over the last few years about the "360 degree approach to marketing", looking at all of the various marketing channels and touch points and developing a common, unifying creative story to share among each channel. In today's world, we're adding a new dimension to that approach, keeping the various marketing channels and touch points intact, but incorporating an Interpersonal Marketing strategy of content and editorial as part of the marketing mix. We are leveraging the collective power of the individual to share, comment and like this content, spreading your organization's message farther and wider than ever before, while maintaining and increasing your organization's relevance in a socially engaged world.
Interpersonal Marketing Strategies & Pricing

in·ter·per·son·al [ in-ter-pur-suh-nl ]
1.of relationships between people: concerning or involving relationships between people
"Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience - with the objective of driving profitable customer action."
  - Source: Content Marketing Institute
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