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We are currently seeking outgoing, hard-working individuals
to become a part of our global team.

Now hiring worldwide individuals who have the interest and ability to:

  • Articulate some of our entry-level sales offerings, while earning a 20% commission on all sales generated by your activities.
  • Attend virtual LGBTQ networking events held in your region.
  • Attend virtual LGBTQ pride festivals and other events, capturing content (blog posts, photos, videos) and sharing via the #ILoveGay Twitter network (on hold for now).

The positions available are primarily sales-focused, with an additional capacity of supporting both marketing and client sales in your area/target market via social media outreach. Previous sales experience, especially in the LGBTQ+ marketplace, is a plus.

Candidate must show strong proficiency with social media, with a primary emphasis on Twitter and LinkedIn. Applicant must show a solid understanding and foundation in utilizing #hashtags, as well as experience in curating and posting relevant content, ReTweeting posts and content with @profile inclusion (both standard ReTweets and Quoted ReTweets), and show a strong comfort factor in utilizing tools ranging from Twitter for iOS and Android to TweetDeck, HootSuite, Sprout Social and/or HubSpot for managing multiple accounts.

Follower counts are not what is important here... engagement and social media post structure, form and function are. We are also looking at your recent history of social media post style (do you use 4 photos in your Twitter collages, edited short-form video on Twitter linking to longer form video on YouTube, etc.), as well as your ability to take great photos and/or create edited video.

Opportunities are part-time to start, and compensation is based on experience. It is commission-based but may include a base compensation as well, depending on level of experience.

Attention LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs, especially in the marketing and advertising world: we'd love to partner with you to offer your clients some of our products and services, as part of your overall offering.

Attention LGBTQ+ media: we'd also love to partner with you to offer your clients some of our products and services, as part of your overall offering. We can help you change the conversation to your potential clients, whereby you're able to offer a broader reach to their target LGBTQ+ audience based upon some of our strategies and capabilities we offer.

*If you're not feeling quite as proficient with Twitter yet, you can give yourself a crash course by following some of the info found here: Twitter 101 on ILove.Gay

To apply, contact us here to get started. Simply let us know you'd like to submit your resume, and we'll send you a follow up e-mail with instructions. Also, please let us know your @Twitter handle and LinkedIn profile.

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