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The Integration of Social Media in LGBT Travel Websites
  What we are seeing today is what can possibly be described as that 3rd wave of online technology forming entirely new communities online.  Consumers have flocked to social media to the order of 600 million on Facebook alone.  They are uploading photos, sharing videos, posting links to some of their favorite articles and news stories, and so much more. 
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Peer Group Websites as Next Social Media Marketing Wave
  A story made its way through the blog world and mainstream media world recently which is incredible in that it shows that a number of social media marketers worldwide are beginning to see the future phases of social media marketing and where this is all going in the next five years. The articles and blog postings themselves were about Paul Adams and his presentation he did at Voices That Matter Web Design Conference in San Francisco in 2010
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Social Media and the Importance of Old-Fashioned Story Telling
  ... in the world of social media marketing, it’s all about the “story” you tell about your company’s product or service and that in reality, there is NO ONE RIGHT WAY to tell that story...
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Gay & Lesbian Marketing Conference, New York (NYC)
One-Day Gay MBA
  Community Marketing, Inc. and Pink Banana Media have announced a full-day educational and networking conference for business leaders interested in growing their LGBT market share. The Gay & Lesbian Marketing Conference follows successful regional programs held by the organizers throughout the country over the past several years. Participants from the New York City region, as well as across North America are invited to attend the conference.
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Spotlight on Destination Marketing
Utilizing Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Photos and Video to Market a Destination to both Gay & Lesbian Travelers and Locals as well
  Traditionally, destination marketing has been divided into two distinct market groups - travelers coming INTO a destination and locals (or natives) already LIVING IN a destination.  With the continued shift of online marketing to social media and Web 2.0, the distinction between these two groups is becoming blurred.
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How Do I Get My Web 2.0 and Social Networking World All Working Together in Synchronized Harmony?
Finding the most efficient ways of using photos, blogs and videos to promote your company on the Internet, far and wide!
  ...from our July 2009 Gay Business Report, we went into great detail as to how and why to use Twitter, and over the past two months, even more has evolved on this topic that provides even greater relevancy to using Twitter in our business lives.  But Twitter is still only part of the story, as it is both one of our primary TOOLS for managing our online content and one of our primary TOUCH POINTS for communicating our content’s message to a wide and relevant audience worldwide...
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Understanding the Business Use of Twitter
It’s all in the tools that lay “on top” of Twitter, illuminating those millions of conversations per hour and allowing the “crowd” to take the lead in journalism.
  It’s no secret we’re living history as we speak when it comes to the technological advances in social network marketing we’re seeing today.  One often heard quip is “can’t it all just stop for a little while so that the rest of us can catch up!?”  Well, as we all know, it’s not going to stop, and ever since the recent Iranian Election coverage on, it’s clear there is definitely SOMETHING going on, but what that “something” is can be a challenge to wrap one’s head around....
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Interview: Peeling the "Pink Banana"
  Marketing in a recession is sort of like creating the illusion of breasts on a drag queen’s freshly Naired pecs: It’s a filthy job, but somebody has to do it.
(Not Available For Reproduction)
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Beta Release of ROI Measurement Tool for Social Network Marketing
  As social network marketing continues to grow in the marketing mix of companies worldwide, the one area that it continually falls short is in measurement and resulting Return on Investment (ROI) for the companies making their initial investments in this space.  As a result, our company has embarked on a new project to create one of the first ROI spreadsheets for social network marketing.  It’s not easy, as the variables to measure are considerably different from the tried and true banner advertising and e-mail marketing used today.
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Social Network Marketing and the Gay Travel Market
  Social networking advice for the GLBT travel industry.
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Social Network Marketing Updates for 2009
The concepts of Touch Points and Connections become even more poignant in this new age of Twitter and the recent Facebook updates
  There can be little doubt that social network marketing is becoming one of the fastest growing areas in the marketing world today.  Every day, we are inundated with new terms and forced to continue to keep up with the latest in social networking technology, including these new Twitters everyone keeps talking about, and the more recent updates Facebook has launched in order to both stay on top of the growth curve and counter this Twitter phenomenon.
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Spotlight on Gay Atlanta 2009
  Just about everyone along the East Coast of the U.S. knows Atlanta is the queer 'Mecca' of the South. Gays and lesbians have flocked to this Southern metropolis over the years in droves - and for good reason.
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Spotlight on Gay Boston 2009
  Boston is ground zero for gay rights in the United States thanks to the Massachusetts legalization of gay marriage in May 2004; the GLBT community here is politically and socially active, and continues to grow.
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Interactive Male Launches Video Chat
  As a leader and pioneer in the GLBT community, Interactive Male knows what men want and need in a gay chat service and has provided it for many years. With a variety of awards and recognitions in the community, Interactive Male continues to consistently provide their customers and members with innovative products. The most recent of these products is the ability to see the person you’re talking to.
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Spotlight on
  Over the years, quite a few gay travel websites have come along, with some emerging as real leaders in this strong GLBT niche market.  Very few, however, have managed to keep up by utilizing some of the latest technology online today including travel social networking, online video and blogs., however, is one of those exceptions.
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Integrating Blog Content on your Website from an RSS Feed
Use DHTML or XML to integrate your blog, as well as photos and video on your website
  One of the top questions I receive, after “should I do a blog” is “how do I best integrate the blog into my website?”  This report is intended to fully answer that question.... The attractiveness of using a blog for content management goes way beyond its ease of use and the ubiquity of its experienced user base of writers.  Blogs are interactive!  They allow your readers to interact and comment on any of the blog postings, and other readers can then interact and comment with each other as well.  Blogs are also very structured in terms of how they store content and thus very easy for search engines to index and include in various search results.  Since the blog will more than likely be pointing back to your company’s main website, the increased search engine exposure should result in increased traffic to your website.
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Spotlight on Clear Channel’s
  Pop and Dance Hits with a Gay Sensibility
Over the past few years, we've had a variety of satellite and online radio stations appear with some incredible content ranging from dance music to talk radio. We've also recently had real world, terrestrial radio stations bring their music online including 92.7 Energy out of San Francisco and 103.9 Pride FM out of Toronto. Now, we have PrideRadio, brought to us by Clear Channel, with content ranging from online music streaming to Internet on-demand music videos and podcasts.
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VisitBritain and Visit London: Marketing Strategies for Staying Competitive in the Gay and Lesbian Market
An in-depth look at the success of VisitBritain and Visit London in the GLBT Marketplace
  There are several marketing campaigns in the GLBT community that most everyone is familiar with - the Absolut campaign with their back cover ads on various GLBT print publications, the American Airlines campaigns ranging from event sponsorship to print and online advertising to extensive in-person networking with the infamous Rainbow Team, and the then there is the VisitBritain and Visit London advertising campaigns, consistently running for the past several years in a way that continually reminds us of the UK as a top GLBT travel destination.
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Where Have All The Gay People Gone?
  There is an interesting phenomenon sweeping the gay community these days. Although there is a lot of discussion and conjecture as to what is going on, to date no one has quite been able to put their finger on it. That phenomenon, quite simply is, "where have all the gay people gone?"
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2009 Gay Market Report Introduction
  Welcome to the 2009 Gay Market Report, a comprehensive look at various opportunities and media sources for companies wishing to target the gay & lesbian community.
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September 2008 Gay Business Report
  Introducing the annual 2009 Gay Market Report, available today. This market report focuses on all aspects of the GLBT community and how to reach it. New articles include the latest marketing trends including how blogs can help your business, how can help you reach business contacts like never before, how can help you target specific niches and industries, and much, much more.
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Spotlight on Feast of Fools (plus GLBT Podcasting)
  One of the most popular talk shows on the Internet today, as well as one of the originals in the gay market, Feast of Fools, alternately know as Gay Fun Show or simply FoF, is a mix of celebrity interviews, news commentary, author chats, cocktail recipes, grooming advice, political forum, new artist musical interludes, gift opening, and letter reading.
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Gay Wedding and Marriage Resources
  Making news around the globe, the legal rights and recognition of gays & lesbians is becoming manifested in the definition of marriage. More and more companies and communities across the US are recognizing the union of two gay men or women in terms of civil unions or domestic partnerships, granting them the same basic rights as heterosexual married couples. Health insurance benefits, estate planning and more are becoming commonplace in many gay & lesbian lives, but not all. The right of marriage, however, along with all of its legal and tax implications, is the final goal for many gays & lesbians. It would be society's way of showing that once and for all gays & lesbians are now deemed equal in the eyes of the law.
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How to Turn a Cold Call into a Warm Call Using
The new way to research and find the best contacts to start with when making business outreach to a company
  First there was Friendster and then there was MySpace. Along the way, Plaxo leveraged its access into your Outlook contact database to launch Plaxo Pulse and Facebook hit the scene going from the college dorm to Main Street USA. In between all of this, chugging along as if it had the entire business landscape to itself, was, a site focused on just the business-to-business connections needed in the social networking world. Starting out as a more employment-oriented site, has grown in popularity over the past year to become almost the de facto Online Chamber of Commerce, allowing business people from around the world to network and connect in ways not possible just a few years back.
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The Power of the Automated News Feed
How Plaxo, Friendfeed and even Facebook utilize 3rd party programs such as Picasa, YouTube and Flickr to keep you up-to-date in this even more fast-paced Information Age
  If you're like many of us out there, you've been using Plaxo for a few years now.  It's been a great tool, primarily used by the business community, in keeping one's Outlook up-to-date when your friends and other contacts change jobs, move or even get a new cell phone number.  Change jobs and all you had to do was update your Plaxo information in order to get that job update out there to hundreds of your Outlook contacts simultaneously, and vice versa… one of your Outlook contacts moves to a new city, and voila, your Outlook information is automatically updated.

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