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Reach the LGBTQ+ Community
Leverage the Power of Social Relationships
Offices in New York and Los Angeles

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Website Exposure:
10,000+ Uniques
Social Media Outreach:

1. We start with your content,
       in one of the following formats:

  • Blog entry, either in our blog or yours
  • Article on your website
  • Story/Article/Editorial about your company on another website or blog
  • Photo and/or collection of photos
  • Video, typically hosted on YouTube
All of this content would then be distributed via our network highlighted below.

2. We then distribute this content via Social Media:

  • Social Media Campaign - the cornerstone of marketing initiatives we have been developing for the past 5 years. This marketing program will be distributed on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. We will be targeting LGBTQ business groups and fan pages, as well as key influencers in the LGBT business community, with each campaign reaching approximately 25,000 viewers in one month.

    One of the keys to success in this program is the "content creation/story to tell" aspect of this campaign, as it is a cornerstone of a successful online marketing campaign, combining some of the traditional aspects of marketing and PR and merging them with some of the latest online marketing techniques found today, both on community-based websites and social media.

  • The Media Power of One - Individuals are the New Media in today's world... their Social Media Interactions become Engagement with their friends and followers, and in turn become Impressions with an incredible reach.

3. We also distribute this content via the Web:

  • LGBTQ Business Community Websites - We will promote this content on one of the following websites in our network: GayRelevant.com, PinkieB.com, PinkBananaBiz.com, GayMonde.com and/or PinkBananaTravel.com, matching your content to the best website demographic fit, with a total reach of more than 10,000 unique visitors per month per site.

4. Your expanded reach is developed as follows:

  • Search Engine Results - as Google and Bing integrate more and more social media trends into their search results, this marketing program becomes even more important, putting your company up front and center in search results influenced by Facebook and Twitter. In addition, the newsletter and subsequent blog that form the two cornerstones of this marketing program are optimized for search and integrated into websites with strong search engine ranking, ensuring your message is seen by anyone searching for your company's LGBTQ opportunities.

    In addition, this marketing program's web page will remain online for a minimum of 1 year, guaranteeing that your message and outreach campaign delivers for full 360° marketing experience.

  • Mobile optimization - this newsletter and marketing program will also be mobile-optimized so that if anyone is viewing from a smartphone or similar device, they will view a version that not only fits their screen, but is also easy to navigate by touch and links directly to your mobile-optimized pages as well. The technology we use converts the newsletter to a "web app", which can be easily viewed on an iPhone, iPad, Android phone and Windows phones, just to name a few.

    When we do mobile optimization, we also make a secondary web app layout for tablets, which include Samsung Galaxy (Android) and iPad. Tablets are a hot growth market right now so including them in this marketing plan and strategy at this time is of a high priority.

5. We can Monitor Campaign and Measure REACH & IMPRESSIONS:

  • Monitoring this Campaign - In addition to measuring the open rate and click-through rate of your e-mail, we will be setting up for each featured business a daily monitoring of any and all conversations that are going on based on selected search terms, such as "gay business" for example, as well as other more specific search terms, including our marketing program partners' names. This monitoring will take place using Google Alerts, as well as a Twitter monitoring service, from which we would "retweet" any and all conversations that were relevant to bringing more awareness to our featured business partners and driving qualified traffic to this marketing program.

Cost: $295 for a one-time distribution via web and social media

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