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We start with...





Which come from...
Your Content + Influencers, Bloggers & Writers
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Is placed on...

Targeted Facebook

Social Media




...and is monitored and measured!

Twitter Performance

Hashtag Performance




All designed to put YOU and YOUR ORGANIZATION
at the center of these LGBTQ Conversations online!

Pride Festivals

Business Events

Conversations in your Industry & Region


Estimated impressions and reach for Pink Banana Media outreach summarized above
Facebook & Twitter Ads100,0001,0001.0%
ILoveGay Twitter 360°100,0001,5001.5%

Facebook & Twitter Ads100,0005,0005.0%
ILoveGay Twitter 360°100,0003,7503.5%
     *Engagement: Likes, Comments and Shares / ER = Engagement Rate

Audience Size
Social Media Reach from our #ILoveGay social media networks (including @ILoveLGBTTravel, @ILoveGayLGBT, @ILoveLGBTBiz, @PinkBananaWorld and @LGBTPinkieB) is now over 325,000+ followers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram combined.

  • Twitter: 300,000+ followers
  • Facebook: 25,000+ followers
  • Instagram: 4,500+ followers

Our Pink Banana Media Business-to-Business network has this additional coverage:

  • LinkedIn followers: 18,500+ followers
  • LinkedIn group: 3,000+ members
  • E-Mail List: 16,500+ (maintained with

Website Traffic & Demographics:

  • ILoveGay.LGBT: 20,000 visitors per month / 65% US-based traffic, 15% UK, 20% global
  • 5,000 visitors per month / 75% US-based traffic, 15% UK, 10% global
  • 3,500 visitors per month / 65% US-based traffic, 15% UK, 20% global
  • / /
        5,000 visitors per month / 80% US-based traffic, 10% UK, 10% global

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