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  • Editorial - the publication/website writes the article using one of their writers. The client does not have the authority to change or edit the article.
  • Native Advertising/Advertorial - the publication/website accepts an article pre-written by a Pink Media and/or client author, to be run within the publication's website with their other articles and content, but clearly marked as Advertorial.

As we enter 2024, we have time to reflect on what has worked well and what needs to be improved. We continue to analyze both our successes and challenges as we continue to develop cutting-edge strategies for companies seeking to reach the online LGBT market.

What has emerged as the winner, hands down, is the concept of Interpersonal Marketing. We've had a chance to refine and improve the strategic direction during the past 12 months. Social media has had overwhelming success as one of the strongest ways to reach any niche audience online, and our approach starts with content first. We help develop a company's "story" and then we build a content marketing strategy from there. This has proven incredibly powerful in becoming the cornerstone of a successful overall marketing plan. It incorporates social media outreach, mobile and e-mail marketing and website advertising to reach gays & lesbians wherever they spend their online time.

After having attended the CMI Tourism and Hospitality Conference in Fort Lauderdale recently, one of their research takeaways was that the #1 source for influencing gay & lesbian travel destinations was written articles, both online and in print. This spanned many demographics including both gay men and lesbians, as well as both the older LGBT population and LGBT Millennials. It has been proven once again with this research that a strategic, cutting-edge marketing mix starts with innovative and original content (including articles, blog entries, photos with text, etc.). Both online and print advertising propels this message forward, with email and mobile marketing rounding out the top ten in this study. Thus, the best strategic direction to remain relevant in the LGBT "mindshare" is to include these marketing mix elements with content taking the lead.

When writing content, we recommend shying away from advertorials. Actual articles written by qualified and proven LGBT journalists are more valuable. These journalists have considerable experience writing from LGBT publications and websites and give a strong legitimacy to the content.

So where do we go from here? We are extremely excited to take this model global in 2014, teaming up with key LGBT media partners to bring these Interpersonal Marketing techniques and strategies to a wider audience. These are LGBT media partners with a strong interactive presence, whether through websites or social media. We pride ourselves on working with media partners who really understand that 360-degree marketing and Interpersonal Marketing are one and the same. These people and entities use content as the cornerstone of an effective marketing campaign and they produce real results for companies wishing to stay ahead of the pack. They have a mobile presence, databases of consumers and have evolved with the ever-changing landscape of digital media. They will be instrumental in positioning our clients ahead of their competitors in 2014.

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