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Businesses large and small seeking cutting-edge ways to reach the LGBT community online and be several steps ahead of their competitors!

We have put together a number of online advertising campaigns that have included LGBT Influencers and Bloggers as part of our social media outreach. We have currently teamed up with the following LGBT Influencer Networks, as well as key LGBT influencers, to help businesses such as yours include these cutting-edge LGBT New Media in your current online marketing strategy.


#ILoveGay Marketing Program:
The hub for online content, business, community & social media interactions related to LGBT Life

Interactive Storytelling in 280 characters or less...
the "short form" done right leads to "long form" follow through!

What #ILoveGay does is bring together the conversations and relevant content related to LGBT Life, where we participate in and become an active part of these social media conversations out where they are happening live, in real-time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. As a business, we are participating in these conversations, identifying which individuals and brands are strongest in this specific niche market relevant to #ILoveGay, as well as determining who are the bloggers, vloggers, influencers and various video content creators dominant in this space. Our intent and our goal is to interact with, work with and leverage their activity and user-generated content for the #ILoveGay campaign, for both our site overall and on our advertiser's behalf.

#ILoveGay's Mission
Helping to Connect the LGBTQ Global Community
Amplifying Your LGBTQ Message Worldwide
Bringing Focus to LGBTQ Conversations Worldwide

What is our goal with #ILoveGay to Consumers?
To be the Best Community Hub for all LGBT social conversations related to a specific region or theme.

What is our goal with #ILoveGay to Businesses? To be the Best Brand to work with when targeting the LGBT community online, blending influencer marketing, content marketing and social media, as well as traditional online strategies.

How Do We Do It? We find the right mix of curating, retweeting, and liking content, as well as following Twitter users, while staying "on brand". We promote content, including advertisers', at the social media post level, you know, just like an LGBT influencer would ;-)

#ILoveGay Twitter 360° Network

Estimated impressions and reach for Pink Banana Media / #ILoveGay outreach
E-Mail Campaign10,0002002.0%
Banner Ads50,0002500.5%
Facebook & Twitter Ads20,0002001.0%
ILoveGay Twitter 360°20,0003001.5%

Facebook & Twitter Ads20,0001,0005.0%
ILoveGay Twitter 360°20,0007503.5%
     *Engagement: Likes, Comments and Shares / ER = Engagement Rate
     *Estimate is for a $500 monthly investment in each line item above

Social Media Reach from our Top 10 social media networks (including @ILoveLGBTTravel, @ILoveGayLGBT, @ILoveLGBTBiz, @PinkBananaWorld and @LGBTPinkieB) is now over 95,000+ followers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram combined.

  • Twitter: 65,000+ followers
  • Facebook: 25,000+ followers
  • Instagram: 4,500+ followers

#ILoveGay Ambassadors & Influencers

Matt Skallerud

Pink Banana Media
New York City, NY
LGBT Online Marketing & Advertising Professional

Ravi Roth

Ravi Round The World
New York City, NY
Gay Travel Vlogger

Shane Ortega

Los Angeles, CA
Do something everyday that ensures the freedom of others and you will live a life fulfilled

Fabrice Tasendo

Pink Banana Media
Los Angeles, CA

Brad Fuhr

Gay Desert Guide
Palm Springs, CA

Troy Petenbrink

Washington DC

Jeff Garber

New York City, NY
Gay travel the dating app way

Valdelicio Silva

Travelling With Me
San Diego, CA
Travel blogger with a unique perspective on adventure, cultural diversity and equality

Mike Marcotte
Minneapolis, MN

Rachel Stevenson

Tampa, FL
Award-winning speaker, author, coach and LGBT leader

Dean Nelson
Vancouver, BC
Year-round LGBT promoter of Whistler and beyond


Asian Maple Leaf
Toronto, ON
a Canadian living in New York. I’m on a journey of self-discovery and adventure

Angel Benton

Las Vegas, NV

David Mariner

Washington DC

Justin Ayars

Richmond, VA
Recovering lawyer; entrepreneur; speaker; consultant; teacher; history lover; writer; thinker

Nomadic Boys
Travel bloggers, influencers and social media gurus

Ty Autry
New York City, NY
Engineer Turned Actor

Gabi & Fabia

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Paul Conroy

Atlanta, GA

Gregory George
Toronto, ON

John-David Brown

Brooklyn, NY
Hot n' Reckless Twenty-Something

Dish You Were Here
Dublin, Ireland

Vinnie Vaillancourt

Syracuse, NY

Idan Matalon

Tel Aviv, Israel

Oriol Pamies

Barcelona, Spain

Josh Robbins

Nashville, TN
Gay sexual health and HIV

Living Gay Brisbane
Gold Coast, QLD Australia

Josh Rimer

Vancouver, BC

Robin Gray

Bear World Magazine
Manchester, UK


The Gay Explorer
Barcelona, Spain
Exploring the world in a white t-shirt - Travel | Luxury | Hotels

Paul Richmond

Paul Richmond Studio
San Francisco, CA
artist • activist • youtuber • attention-whore • storyteller • diva-lover • pinup boy

David Levesque

Huey & David
Toronto, ON

James Wallington

Backpacking Boyfriends
Los Angeles, CA
Travel, Life, & Style Vlog

William Jardell

Backpacking Boyfriends
Los Angeles, CA
Travel, Life, & Style Vlog

For more information on our Ambassador program, please review our information here.

#ILoveGay Influencer Network

Individual LGBT Influencers We Work Closely With

Brian Webb ( is the most trusted and top source of gay culture in North America. As the leading gay lifestyle and entertainment guide, you'll discover pivotal moments in life. Award-winning LGBT advocate, celebrity social influencer, and winner of the prestigious Mr. Gay Canada People's Choice award, Brian Webb, along with his team of passionate advocates of the gay community, take you on a journey to uncover the off-the-wall travel destinations, share stories of role models and icons from the LGBT community, and get you inspired with sensational lip-smacking cocktails. Uncover special, life-defining moments. The adventure starts here!

  • Website:
  • Top Markets Served: US, Canada, UK, Australia; 78% male; Average Age: 39

  • Facebook: 2,250
  • Instagram: 28,800
  • Twitter: 8,875
  • Swarm: 430

  • Monthly Views & Unique Readers: 22,250 / 18,750
    (Above stats as of Dec 8, 2016)   As a young gay couple, we have a unique perspective on travel. Whether it's Pride hopping around Europe or traveling in Africa where gay rights are negligible, we are constantly exposed to new experiences and unfamiliar cultures. We enjoy sharing our insights from all we've done right and wrong and aim to provide valuable stories and travel advice. For us, travel is amazing and life changing and we want others to get a taste. Though many people don't realize, travel is more achievable than they think and we want to prove that it's also possible to do without spending a lot of money. We hope to inspire those who want to travel to actually do it and those who already do to travel more.

  • Website:
  • Top Markets Served: US, Europe, UK; 65% male; Average Age: 32

  • Facebook: 8,081
  • Instagram: 28,439
  • Twitter: 30,662
  • YouTube: 1,676

  • Monthly Views & Unique Readers: 45,000 / 40,000
    (Above stats as of Dec 19, 2016)   Stefan and Sebastien are a gay couple from Europe who quit their lives and jobs in London in June 2014 to travel the world. They spent 2 years in Asia and set up Nomadic Boys to chronicle their travels. They now focus all their time and energy on Nomadic Boys, which has become one of the most respected brands in the gay travel industry.
The boys are currently on a big trip across Latin America, working with local business to promote them to gay travelers. The boys' readers are predominantly affluent men, aged 25-50, based in North America, UK and Europe, who are sophisticated travelers looking for romantic adventures, gourmet and cultural experiences.

  • Website:
  • Top Markets Served: USA/Canada (41%), UK (13%), Europe (26%) and male: 70%

  • Facebook: 12,000+
  • Instagram: 60,000+
  • Twitter: 50,000+
  • YouTube: 1,100

  • Monthly Views & Unique Readers: 85,000 / 55,000
  • E-Mail Subscribers: 4,500+
    (Above stats as of Dec 19, 2016)

Josh Rimer:   Josh Rimer is a content creator and social media influencer with over 30 thousand subscribers on his main YouTube channel and more than 14 million video views. He uploads three videos a week, two of which are also shown multiple times a day across Canada on OUTtv to over 1.2 million subscribers. Josh's YouTube channel has been rated one of the top 10 accounts in Vancouver to follow in by Canada's leading digital publication, Daily Hive, and he can often be seen speaking at events across North America about YouTube marketing.

  • Website:
  • Top Markets Served: US, Canada, UK, 69% male, primary age range: 25 - 34

  • Facebook: 7,000+
  • Instagram: 2,500+
  • Twitter: 5,500+
  • YouTube: 30,500+

  • Monthly Video Views: 500,000+
  • TV Viewership: 1,200,000+
    (Above stats as of Dec 20, 2016)

Arielle Scarcella:   Arielle Scarcella is an LGBT content creator who focuses comedy, travel & self-love. Her posts inspire people all over the world, be themselves & experience new things. Recognized by the Huffington Post, The Advocate, Google, BuzzFeed, NY Times & More. She has over 100 million+ video views.

Andre Hofmann:   @a.hfmnn on Instagram

  • Top Markets Served: España/Italia/Brasil/Mexico/USA
  • Instagram: 134,000+
  • Age: 80% between 25 y 55 años
  • Gender: 89 % male (gay) / 11 % female
  • Impressions / Week: 312,000
  • Individuals / Week: 102,000
  • Profile Views / Week: 28,000
  • Likes / Photo: 4,000 - 11,000 (Above stats as of Jan 15, 2017)

In addition, stay abreast of what some of the top LGBT influencers, YouTube content creators and new media bloggers are up to at www.LGBTNew.Media, including info on various LGBT New Media Expos, Conferences and Conventions.

Looking to market your company and work together with key LGBT Influencers? Call us at (323) 963-3653 or contact us here to get started.

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