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Pink Media Sponsorship Opportunities

#ILoveGay Today Sponsorship: Our video podcast, #ILoveGay Today, has taken off over the past year. We're creating, on average, 20 video interviews per month (www.ILoveGay.Today) and one longer form video per month (#ILoveGay Views).

About #ILoveGay Today: Over the past several months, we've all been going through what perhaps may be a once-in-a-lifetime experience together... all of us, all around the world. In the LGBTQ+ community, We're sure you've seen what we've been seeing... incredible creativity in how we adapt, stay safe and prepare ourselves for what's on the other side of this post-pandemic world.

#ILoveGay Today seeks to simply be a part of this creativity, showcasing and bringing together some of those amazing LGBTQ+ voices from all over the world. So stay tuned as our next upcoming episodes explore the best in us, the global LGBTQ+ community, as part of #ILoveGay Today.

ILoveGay.Today ILoveGay.Today

Distribution of these videos is primarily on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Audience is primarily LGBTQ+ business-to-business, with video posts on these 4 platforms getting approximately 5,000 video views combined per video. We are also now in syndication on television streaming video on OutAt.TV

ILoveGay.Today ILoveGay.Today ILoveGay.Today

Sponsorship Opportunity: $5,000 for logo inclusion in both #ILoveGay Today videos + one #ILoveGay Views video, along with website, for 30 days. This includes verbal inclusion as "sponsored by..." as each video begins.

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