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Social media in today's world is primarily focused on connecting you with people you know... your friends, family and business acquaintances. You can meet new people and use social media for fantastic business networking, but it's still focused on just that friends, family and acquaintances network... PEOPLE YOU KNOW.

We believe the future is in connecting you with other people you don't know... those who SHARE SIMILAR INTERESTS to you such as the world of Gay Travel, Finance, Entertainment, Parenting and more. Our website technology connects you with people you WANT TO KNOW, who are in your same line of work... your same social circles... who share your same interests.

Like, Google Buzz and other social media aggregators, we don't reinvent the wheel. Rather, we allow you to share your blog postings, your Flickr photos, your YouTube videos and more using our unique site technology.

Sites Using Our Technology:

Download PDF presentation for software use with:

How-To Files (PDF) for social media integration:

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