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Social Network and Web 2.0 Marketing to the GLBT Community

Marketing to the Gay Community on the Internet?
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Social Network and Web 2.0 Marketing to the GLBT Community

Wednesday, June 2, 2010
11:00 am - 11:45 am (PST)
COST: $45 for Part 1 only, $75 for both Part 1 and Part 2

Wednesday, June 16, 2010
11:00 am - 11:45 am (PST)
COST: $49 for Part 2 only, $75 for both Part 1 and Part 2

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This is a two-part webinar series, presenting Social Network and Web 2.0 marketing and how to utilize these tools to reach the GLBT community online.

MySpace   FaceBook   Twitter  

We will be walking you through step-by-step on both how this works and how you can make it work for you. We will be showing you some of the current trends in making outreach to consumers using the latest Web 2.0 tools including FaceBook, Twitter, Blogs, YouTube, Flickr and more. Find out how and why other companies are utilizing these technologies to get the word out to consumers online, and learn more about some of the unique opportunities in the GLBT Web 2.0 space in targeting gays & lesbians online.

Part 1 will focus on the basics and how to get started in Facebook. Part 2 will focus on more advanced topics, working with social networking sites outside of Facebook and tying all of those efforts together so that you do just a little work and get maximum exposure and effect! A lot of emphasis will be placed on the use of photos, blogs and Twitter and how these tools work well with LinkedIn, Facebook and other social networking sites.

Some topic highlights to be covered will include:

  • Using Photos as a Marketing Tool on Facebook - the Amplifying Effect
  • Are you using Content related to your organization or business in order to increase your online exposure and search engine rankings?
    • Utilizing the power of photos, blogs and editorial to pump up your marketing efforts
    • How content can become part of your SEO (search engine optimization) efforts
  • Does your website utilize any of the viral, social networking opportunities for visitors to spread the word about your content far and wide?
  • Have you thought about some creative ways to use Online Video to your business advantage?
  • Are you using to its full potential?
  • Have you thought about Entering the Conversation with blog and Twitter "ReTweets" relevant to your industry?
  • The ins and outs of Twitter and how it can be used for business

More detailed explanation of how we approach Social Network Marketing and this webinar:
The focus of this webinar, and what we offer as a service to our clients, is all about setting a social network marketing strategy that includes and brings together the various social network marketing activities a person or company is doing, into one cohesive marketing plan and execution.

Part 1 of our discussions is always easy... it focuses on Facebook, as Facebook is a great place for most of us to start... to cut our teeth, so to speak, on how social network marketing works. And for many of us, Facebook can be the beginning and the end of our social network marketing strategy, as it provides us a platform from which to speak our mind (status updates), share links of our own blog postings and articles we like, share and tag photos and videos, and most importantly, provides us with a strong and lively audience paying attention to what it is we have to say.

From this Facebook page, all social network marketing techniques and habits can be taught and learned, and it's no secret that the majority of businesses large and small are in the process of figuring this out now.

But what about the world outside of Facebook, starting with Twitter? That's where Part 2 comes in! The #1 thing many of us in social network marketing hear nowadays is "why Twitter?" or "I don't understand Twitter", or better yet "I don't give two hoots about Twitter!" Which is all fine and good. But if you're in business... any business... your competitors probably do understand Twitter and do give two hoots about putting it to work for them.

A lot has been written about Twitter, and we've summarized our thoughts on the subject in the blog posting found here. The real question isn't "why Twitter" anymore, but rather, how do we get our Twitters, our Flickr photos, our YouTube videos, our blog postings, our bookmark sharing, our Google Reader article shares and more all working in sync with each other, and in a more fully automated fashion, broadcasting their message to our various audiences found on Facebook, Plaxo, LinkedIn, FriendFeed and more.

Thus, when you post a new blog entry or upload a new photo onto not just Facebook, but also Flickr, how do you get those blog entries and those photos out there working for you, automatically. When you read an article related to your business, product or service, how do you share this article with your peers and set yourself up as a thought leader on one or more particular subjects. And lastly, why is it wrong if your business simply synchronizes your Twitters to your Facebook status updates, not realizing that the conversations being had on Twitter are becoming completely separate from the status updates you're posting on Facebook. For more information on this concept, please read our blog posting here.

More importantly, once you've got this system in place and working smoothly, how do you spend the least amount of hours possible in this new marketing initiative and yet get the most marketing output, in the form of web traffic, leads and sales, out of this strategy? That is the key... to first get all of these social network marketing activities working together, ensuring there is an audience out there paying attention, and then automating this in a way that allows you to carry on and conduct business, as well as follow up on all of the new business this marketing strategy has opened up for your company.

If this is of interest to you, please do attend Part 2 of this webinar and/or request from us a proposal for putting together a unique social network marketing strategy that is right for your business.

Advanced Online Marketing

PDF Sample Slides from Webinar

Our Speaker

SHORT BIO: Matt Skallerud began his online career in May 1995 with the launch of, which became one of the top 3 GLBT websites worldwide. Having worked with companies large and small over these past 15 years in reaching the GLBT online market through this site and others, he has since sold these sites and is now focused on the more cutting-edge aspects of social networking and Web 2.0 technologies, helping these companies reach this market using some of the more advanced techniques taking hold in the marketing world today, including Facebook, YouTube, blogs and Twitter.

LONGER BIO: Matthew Skallerud, President of Pink Banana Media, began his career in the gay & lesbian marketplace when he founded in May of 1995. He successfully led into becoming one of the premiere gay websites worldwide, translating that success to and (gay travel site). In 2001, he expanded this online reach by launching a company focused on both developing niche-oriented websites for the gay & lesbian community and helping companies large and small reach these gay & lesbian consumers through this expanded network of websites, which included,,, and, just to name a few.

Having sold these sites, his focus is now on the latest in advertising and marketing utilizing social networks and tailoring their opportunities to the GLBT community. Skallerud starts with the basics of banner ads and e-mail, but expands into the more advanced world of blogs, social networking and online video, and how those components can tie into an overall online marketing campaign including banner ads for some of the best performance for his clients.

His goal is to work with companies wishing to increase the efficiency and performance of their online marketing endeavors, using some of the "tried and tested" of the past few years and merging with some of the new, since "new" is where the eyeballs are continually migrating to on a daily basis.

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