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Hello and Happy New Year from the team at Pink Media - a company with influence!

2024 is getting off to a strong start. We've just submitted a bid for a rather large LGBTQ+ business-to-business project that we're excited and hopeful to win. As I was putting together notes on why we're uniquely qualified to take on this role, I thought it might be good to share these thoughts with you all as my New Year's message for 2024.

In the LGBTQ+ business-to-business world, we believe you'll find Pink Media uniquely qualified for this project, as we are one of the few LGBTQ+ marketing firms that has maintained a strong focus on the business-to-business aspect of marketing to this business community over the years. Between our successes on LinkedIn and other social media, including having developed one of the largest LGBT business groups online, and our success in development of myself and Pink Media as a thought leader in the LGBT business community, I believe we can successfully translate that success to the work we do with you, our clients. In addition, we've developed a highly successful content creation model in the world of LGBT business video interviews, including having interviewed many folks in the LGBT business world, and we would like to offer our experience and success in this world of video to the work we do for you as well.

We have great relationships with both traditional and more cutting-edge LGBT new media around the world, and can leverage those relationships on behalf of your company in order to maximize editorial coverage and advertising opportunities with these organizations. We also have many years of experience in media ad buying using programmatic advertising technology, allowing us to place highly targeted ads, videos and social media posts on websites, mobile apps, connected TVs and more, reaching your specific LGBTQ+ demographic online.

We have a wealth of experience we can tap into, including PR and social media distribution similar in scope to what we've done for Founders First and Salah Bachir. In addition, our experience with content marketing such as what we've done to date with Palm Springs Tourism, Miami Tourism, Spain Tourism and more can help take your stories and get them in front of the right, targeted LGBT audience online. Our #ILoveGay network can also pitch in to get messaging out to a targeted LGBT audience quickly and easily via most social media platforms.

We have almost 20 years experience in working with some of the strongest LGBT chambers of commerce across the US and around the world, including the NGLCC. We have over 25 years experience with the IGLTA, including having served as board chairman, and we have almost 30 years experience in having successfully maintained a leadership role in the LGBTQ+ community when it comes to online technology, including all aspects of online advertising starting with banner ads and e-mail campaigns, and evolving alongside the technology advancements to where we're at today with highly targeted social media, mobile app, video advertising and more.

Last but definitely not least, my business partner, Fabrice Tasendo in Los Angeles, would like to introduce himself.

I'd like to wrap up by also including the fact that over the past month, we've had several client inquiries for strategies related to e-mail optimization, SEO, graphic design, PR writing and more. We work with some of the best LGBTQ+ specialists in their respective fields, and can bring their talent to you and your project as well.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you! Thanks!

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