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Bye, Bye Cookies! Hello People-Based Marketing & Advertising

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Hello and Happy March 2024 from Pink Media: A Company With Influence!

Our theme for 2024 is "Bye, Bye Cookies! Hello People-Based Marketing & Advertising". You know how it goes. You search for a new pair of shoes, and for the next week, those shoes and other similar shoes follow you all around the Internet. The technology behind this has been cookie-based advertising, following you on the Internet wherever you may go, with ads and messaging specifically customized for you. With the current pushback over the years of this style of what some consider rather intrusive advertising, we are finding more and more companies finding ways to adapt and change, providing targeted advertising in a more human-centric, "people-based' fashion.

We here at Pink Media have undertaken some unique strategies to adapt as well. As a hybrid media and marketing firm, we're able to focus on the individual as a real person, not just a number.

We can get your content and story out there via our #ILoveGay social media networks, reaching a broad yet targeted slice of the LGBTQ+ consumer online. Our followers, over 1.5 million strong and growing, can easily share it with their friends and followers, and allow your content to get the reach it deserves. We also apply the people-based element to our strategy here, engaging with our followers and turning a static one-way relationship into a fully engaged 2-way, human-centric relationship. And lastly, we can then amplify your message to an even larger yet targeted audience via cookie-free, paid advertising on social media, mobile apps, connected TVs, LGBTQ+ websites and more.

Give us a try and let us prove to you we can both get LGBTQ+ folks to SEE your advertising, message and content, and ENGAGE with it in the form of comments, likes and shares.

So remember, "Bye, Bye Cookies! Hello People-Based Marketing & Advertising", brought to you by Pink Media, a company with influence.

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