#ILoveGay Network Now at One Million Followers and Growing Fast!

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#ILoveGay Network Now at One Million Followers and Growing Fast!

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With our #ILoveGay network now reaching over 1,000,000+ followers and growing fast, our strength in reaching a targeted LGBTQ+ audience anywhere in the world just reached a new height.

In addition, the power of social media advertising is in our opportunity to reach 2nd degree contacts, a version of "friends of friends". Meaning that if a single social media profile has 5,000 followers, we can target and reach their followers as well. If they average 1,000 followers each, that is a potential audience of 5,000,000. Layering on additional targeting, such as reaching an LGBTQ+ audience interested in sports, travel, theatre, movies and more allows for a strong audience size our clients can get their message in front of at a fraction of the cost of traditional targeted advertising to reach this highly coveted LGBTQ+ online market.

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