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Pink Media at the Intersection of LGBTQ+ PR & Advertising

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As we wrap up Pride Month 2023, we believe we can safely say that our business model we’ve been refining over the past few years has finally come together as a true, new LGBTQ+ media strategy that we can now take to market for the next several years.

Pink Media's business strategy lies at the intersection of LGBTQ+ PR & Advertising.

We are in the targeted distribution business, focusing on the LGBTQ+ community online.

Our job is to keep your message alive and in front of your targeted LGBTQ+ audience 24/7, 365 days per year.

The content we work with ranges from press releases to videos to photos, user-generated content, influencer content, local media content… which also includes media articles & social media content.

Our distribution ranges from our #ILoveGay social media networks, now reaching an LGBTQ+ audience of over 1,000,000+ individuals and growing, to targeted, paid advertising, business-to-business outreach, video in all of its forms (including Connected TVs, LGBTQ+ streaming media, Instagram & Facebook Reels, TikTok videos and more).

We also collaborate with LGBTQ+ influencers, tapping into their amazing content creation techniques + their strong, engaged social media audience.

We work with destinations, businesses large & small, events, health clients, book releases, music launches, film releases and so much more.

The platforms we work with include mobile apps, social media in all its form, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc. and more.

In addition, we’ve also created an entry level plan to allow businesses & organizations, large and small, to give us a try and test our strategy out.

Give us a call or e-mail us today… we’d love to help you get your message out to YOUR targeted LGBTQ+ audience, 24/7, 365 days per year.

"Be a part of the LGBTQ+ conversation! Let us help you get your message OUT and AMPLIFIED to the LGBTQ community online, keeping your PRIDE message alive 24/7, 365 days per year! #ILoveGay"

Pink Media's business strategy lies at the intersection of LGBTQ+ PR & Advertising
Pink Media has developed a cutting edge, successful business model that lies at the crossroads of LGBTQ+ PR & Advertising
Pink Media’s cutting edge marketing strategy is at the nexus of LGBTQ+ PR & Advertising

We speak WITH the local LGBTQ+ community
We speak WITH LGBTQ+ influencers, media, event producers and businesses large & small
We speak WITH & TO LGBTQ+ travelers, either in a destination or wishing to travel to a destination
We speak TO the worldwide LGBTQ+ community, helping to bring your message out to a wider, global LGBTQ+ audience

Learn more about our Entry Level programs to get started!

Are you interested in being a part of these LGBTQ+ conversations? We work with any budgets (starting at $500)... call us at (323) 963-3653 or contact us here to get started.

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