Niche Market Targeting Spotlight: BEARS

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Niche Market Targeting Spotlight: BEARS

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There are a myriad of communities within the millions of LGBTQ+ people online, ranging from theatre lovers, sports fans, auto enthusiasts, movie lovers and more. One of the strongest is the BEAR community. Not only do we have a strong online presence with our #ILoveGay network on Twitter... we also work closely with some of the strongest LGBTQ+ media focusing specifically on the BEAR community.

Twitter is unique in that we can reach "friends of friends". This means that Twitter posts have a better chance of going viral by reaching the 2nd degree connections of your followers. You are NOT directly connected to these users, but Twitter sources your content to them in their news feed. In this way, our potential reach with each Tweet is several thousand impressions, with some posts reaching tens of thousands of like-minded followers. In addition, our #ILoveGay Twitter network alone now boasts 550,000+ followers and growing!

We know WHERE our followers live, WHEN they are online and in turn, how STRONG they are reaching their followers on Twitter.

For an updated Analytics Report on #ILoveGay BEARS, go to:

Over 200 of our #ILoveGay BEARS' followers have 10,000 of their own followers or more, with 18 over 100,000.

For more information on opportunities available through Pink Media to reach the BEARS online, go to:
#ILoveGay BEARS and Pink Media: BEARS

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