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PinkBananaMedia.com is a permission-based marketing company. PinkBananaMedia.com collects the information provided by our subscribers at our, and affiliated, websites. PinkBananaMedia.com also purchases and manages opt-in email lists generated by other organizations. Subscribers must provide their email address and categories of special interests. Optional information such as postal address, zip code, gender, and age may also be supplied at the subscriber's discretion. PinkBananaMedia.com confirms all subscriptions via email. After confirmation, at which time the subscriber has "opted-in," PinkBananaMedia.com will assure the authenticity of the record by matching it against our database of consumers. PinkBananaMedia.com will then send you offers for goods and services relevant to your categories of interest.

Additionally, as part of our effort to bring PinkBananaMedia.com subscribers the best possible offers, subscribers will receive special offers that would be of value to any online consumer. PinkBananaMedia.com values your privacy. Our subscribers' email addresses will only be shared with third parties where (i) third party has sufficiently demonstrated to PinkBananaMedia.com that their product or service is a direct match for a subscriber's special interests (ii) if compelled to do so by proper judicial or governmental authorities. With the exception of email transmissions conducted by a third party to its customer database, all email transmissions will be conducted by PinkBananaMedia.com PinkBananaMedia.com databases are proprietary. However, PinkBananaMedia.com does, provide discretionary "optional" information such as name, postal address, zip code, age, gender, etc. to third parties for non-electronic media. PinkBananaMedia.com always provides notice and choice to all subscribers. Once, a subscriber un-subscribes and chooses to be removed from PinkBananaMedia.com, the subscriber will no longer receive any offers from PinkBananaMedia.com unless the subscriber later opts-in.

Cookies are randomly generated to track unique customer conversions. No personal information is ever stored within such cookies. PinkBananaMedia.com tracks responses to advertising campaigns; however, PinkBananaMedia.com does not track subscriber web browsing activities. Please note that some of our customers' websites may use cookies; therefore, it is recommended that our subscribers take the time to review the privacy policies, when provided, of any websites prior to entering their information.

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All subscriber data in the PinkBananaMedia.com are maintained in our data center utilizing the latest technologies to secure, house, and serve the data. All data is housed on redundant servers and protected by a firewall and unparalleled security infrastructure. PinkBananaMedia.com encourages you to revisit our Privacy Statement to keep informed of any changes.

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